Open Division, Saiga 12, R&R magwell, 20, 12, 10 rounders, Vortex Strikefire, Remington Target (1200fps), Heavy Dove (1255fps), and Managed recoil slugs (1200fps).

Prior to the match I knew I had slug issues so I re-verified the Strikefire’s zero. 30 slugs later and I thought I had it good enough.

Stage 1

  • 3 slug targets thrown in the mix of a slew of targets.
  • I formulated a few plans then settled on one where I’d use up a 20 rounder filled with birds then reload with a 12 rounder topped with slugs. The plan was at that point, all the left side bird targets would be gone and I could engage the slugs in order.
  • Not being able to hit where I aimed threw off the round count. Not all the left side targets were dropped when I had to reload the 12 rounder.
  • Continued POA/POI issues forced the use of the Oh Shit mag.
  • Slugs hit, but they were up close. Clean, but too many extra shots. The re-zero session’s “good enough” was not good at all.
  • 32nd out of 72.

Stage 2

  • More POA/POI nonsense. Thankfully the squad was able to call out that my shots were low left so I adjusted.
  • I wasn’t sure that slugs would be able to cycle with the 20 rounder so I started with a 10 rounder. The 12 rounder was enough to finish off the right side if I hit one for one.
  • After the stage, I re-sighted and adjusted for windage. I couldn’t adjust for elevation as the turret is maxed out. At least I knew now to just aim up.
  • 48th

Stage 3

  • I’m tentative as I try out the new aim but am relieved I actually go 1 for 1.
  • Moving to the left, I experience feed malfunction that I correct. Little did I know that it was a symptom of a bigger issue. A few seconds later, I realize that the front of the magwell had detached from the receiver. Done for the stage.
  • 61st

Stage 4

  • String 1

  • With my friend Keith’s help, I’m able to find the missing magwell screws in the dirt and re-assemble the gun, complete with loctite.
  • Back in the game, I pick up the case. The malfunction was a light strike that I cleared by racking.
  • String 2

  • Probably my best for the day.
  • It IS my best for the day – 4th!

Stage 5

  • It starts pouring rain, so I shoot in the rain.
  • 4 slug shots at 60 yards, I load up the 12 rounder with slugs. I use almost all by using Kentucky windage. High right was the trick.
  • Reload with the 20 rounder while running to the plate rack and finish.
  • 33rd

Stage 6

  • More rain.
  • Slugs with no-shoots to start at box A with some bird targets, then move to boxes B and C for all bird targets.
  • I start with the 12 rounder topped with 4 slugs. After box A, reload with the 20 rounder to finish off.
  • Time was good, but a mike-no-shoot combo sinks the deal.
  • 59th

Stage 7

  • Rain, rain, rain…
  • Flying birds and steel, started by a self, hand-thrown clay. 2 mikes on the flyers.
  • 20th

Stage 8

  • Rain finally stops.
  • Slugs on activated clam shells and swingers called for bird-slug-bird-slug sequences and was the safest way to shoot. I tried for fast…
  • Left side with the 20 rounder, run to the right and continue.
  • Run to the middle, hit the swinger activators then hit the bird-slug clam shell duo then end with the swingers. That WAS the plan. I didn’t hone it down to specific targets, so I hosed from the right side and activated a clamshell.
  • With the round count thrown off, I hit a swinger with bird. 2 mikes.
  • 40th

Somehow, the Frostproof shotgun championships are more a test of survival for me than shooting the shotgun. Last year it was the Sightmark falling apart. This year its the zero and the magwell. I thought I was done for after Stage 3. If it weren’t for Keith’s help getting it fixed, I wouldn’t have finished the match at all. I guess that was a victory in and of itself. Only 1 stage clicked for me (Stage 4) and even that I know I could shoot better.

Needs Improvement

  • New optic – the Strikefire’s elevation setting is maxed out. I have used this scope on this gun forever and never had an issue till now. I swapped it out to use the Sightmark, then the Bushnell TR-25, but came back to it after that didn’t work out.
  • The magwell is fixed but for how long? I need to check those screws periodically. Otherwise, it might be time for a new gun.

The Good

  • Surviving.
    • Fixing the gun.
    • Gritting through the rain and deciding to stay even though I had thought about going home more than a few times.

Finished 45th out of 72, and 8th out of 13 in Open.


IDPA, HSC, 8-20-16

August 20, 2016

Back to basics. First IDPA in months, shooting CDP division with the Para Limited using Freedom Munitions 230gr ammo.

Stage 5 (Warmup)

  • First mag loaded to 5, 2 targets – each takes 3 to the body, 2 to the head, Limited (Virginia) count
  • Took my time for the head shots, no matter how close; clean.
  • Clean, zero down; 9th out of 26.

Stage 2

  • From the barricade, pie on the right for all the targets.
  • Run uprange to position 2 (right side). I thought there were 2 targets and wasted some time looking for the target that wasn’t there.
  • Dash to the left for the last target where I again sought a non-existent second target. At least the time spent didn’t count against me.
  • I was first to shoot, so confusing this stage with another we walked through is a passable reason.
  • Down 3; 13th.

Stage 3-1

  • Driver side

  • Passenger side

  • On the retreat, I called a bad shot and made up for it.
  • Down 5, 9th.

Stage 4

  • This is the one I mistook Stage 2 with.

  • Started to push the speed a little, and got 5 down in return. 17th. The battery issue more than anything is what killed this stage for me.

Stage 1

  • More speed, more points down, with a near miss on a far target. Down 16 (ouch); 13th.

Finished 14th for the match. After the match, I chrono’d the Freedom Munitions ammo and it’s hot. It’s manageable in a Bill Drill with my gun, but in a race 1911, my wrist felt the strain. There is a difference. With the team having a major gunsmith as a sponsor (Deep River Customs), I need to take advantage of the resource and have my gun tweaked. I’ll also need to find a better ammo source, which another sponsor might be covering soon enough. Till then, it’s heavy weights!


Action Rifle, HSC, 8-13-16

August 14, 2016

Open Division with the SW-JP15, Strike Eagle Primary, Sightmark micro dot secondary, Freedom Munitions 55gr and PPU 69gr ammo.

What happens when you don’t do homework?…

Stage 2

  • Headshots at 25yds, 1 shot each, interspersed with close range targets. Despite the headshots, I set the Strike Eagle to 1x and placed the reticle high, but still within the head.
  • The second half is USPSA-style close range.
  • Clean; 6th out of 38 shooters.

Stage 3

  • Similar to Stage 2, but the precision shots from 25 yards were on bowling pins (real and cardboard), but this time from only the table, and supported via mag-pod. Again, I set magnification to 1x.
  • Again, the second half is USPSA style, with clays thrown in for close precision (could be shot outside the box).
    • From the last position I forget to engage a final target that my brain just cramped on.
  • In spite of the flub, 10th.

Stage 4

  • Last 3gun match at HSC, I had given myself the ‘homework’ of verifying the Strike Eagle’s zero. While good up close (single shot head shot and bowling pins for 2 stages today and similar from that same 3gun match), I had noticed an issue with long range (100+ yds) shots. Did I do the homework? 2 weeks later, no…
  • With 26 shots required on steel, I loaded up the 48 rounder and set magnification to 6x. I had missed so many times that by the 3rd position, I had expended the entire mag. Weirdly enough, at the last position where I set magnification to about 2-3x for the offhand shots, I was almost 1 for 1.
  • Damage done; 35th.

Stage 5

  • Position 1: 1-1-1, reload, 1-1-1 (Virginia count). I reload with the coupled mag; clean.
  • Position 2: 3 bowling pins: 1 extra shot.
  • Position 3: double tap steel at 50 yds, 1 for 1.
  • Position 4: plates, heads and bodies array; clean.
  • 5th

Stage 1

  • Long range, 3 positions, magnification set to 6x.
  • At position 1, the same issue from Stage 4. By the 10th target I figure I need to aim left of the target to hit (almost as if there were a mirror image of the target to its left).
  • At positions 2 and 3, I’m almost 1 for 1 but I’d burned too much time finding my POA/POI.
  • 32nd

With 2 tanked stages, it’s hard to place decently. Finished 21st overall, but mercifully 1st in Open. After the match, I stay after to make sure I zero to the steel on hand. With the 55gr ammo I have left, I’m 1 for 1 when I leave. Homework: verify on paper.

Rifle Night, WAC, 8-11-16

August 12, 2016

Limited with the AK-47, Propoint red dot, using Tula ammo.

Stage 1

  • Start seated, gun on table, loaded, and an array of 8 paper plates about 25 yards down. I put the AK on the table but had to lift up a bit with my support hand to avoid shooting the table for the lower targets. Clean on the plates (zero verified).
  • Run to the remaining arrays of paper; also clean.
  • 3rd out of 14

Stage 2

  • Port 1&2 – 1 target each (15yds)
  • 2 on the move
  • Port 4 – target (5yds)
  • Port 5 – everything else (including those shot from port 1 & 2; lost track from the rock and rolling on at least 8 targets)
  • Clean; 6th

Stage 3

  • Unloaded, 1st mag on barrel with rifle. Since the first 2 paper had to be shot weak hand, I loaded it weak hand, using the drum as a table to stable it.
  • 2 arrays from the second position, with a half step needed to see the second array.
  • Tacticool AK reload for the mandatory reload, then finish of on 2 arrays of 5.
  • Clean; 6th.

It was fun shooting the AK at this match and I may make it a habit. 7.62×39 ammo is slightly cheaper than 223 and the different platform and system makes for ‘lifting heavier weights’, specially with the higher recoil of the AK round. Finished 4th overall, not bad for being the oddball with the AK against the ARs tonight.

3Gun, HSC, 7-31-16

August 1, 2016

Back from a 2 month hiatus forced by weather. The last 2 months’ weekends has been marked by rain or the threat of. With my aversion to cleaning my equipment and guns, I opt to not shoot. How did the hiatus affect my shooting?…

Open Division with some new equipment:

  • SW-JP15 with Vortex Strike Eagle primary, Sightmark micro dot secondary, JP SCSS, TNT and Freedom Munitions 55gr ammo and PPU 69gr ammo
  • Saiga with Vortex Strikefire, Remington Heavy Dove (1255fps) and Estate Target (1200fps) loads
  • Open G34 using 124gr BB RN loads

Stage 2

  • 2 head-body paper (head and body are separate targets) rifle targets through window 1, then 4 more through window 2
    • magnification 1x, illum off, braced on right side of windows
    • 2 quick to the body, then head for each target
    • malfunction – ejected spent but failed to feed; racked to clear
  • Grab the SG, move through the boardwalk onto the SG shooting area for 2 arrays of steel/clays. Clean.
  • Run to pistol area, shoot paper, activator and swinger. Clean.
  • Placed 6th out of 24

Stage 3

  • From seated, run to staged rifle on left and engage from 3 positions, arrays of bowling pins and paper
    • magnification 1x, illum off, using dual mag for monopod on table at position 1 and 3
    • 1 each on pin and paper at position 1
    • @ position 2, engage pins and paper off-hand (paper is reduced target)
      • malfunction – fail to eject, remove mag, clear and reload
    • clean at position 3
  • Grab SG and start on 7 steel. Move to dump table and finish off SG targets (steel and clay)
    • 20 round mag, no issues; clean.
  • Draw pistol, finish off; clean. 11th

Stage 4

  • 5 positions, 5 steel at 75-100yds with rifle, off-hand
    • magnification 1x, illum off, using 48rnd Nordic ext mag
    • Need work on off-hand, as usual
    • same malfunction from previous stages, but not as bad on Stage 3
  • Clear rifle, engage plate rack and 50yd steel with pistol, then scattered paper enroute to staged SG
    • +5 penalty on 1 paper taken on the move
  • SG steel array, using 20 rounder
    • 2-3 malfunctions, mostly failure to feed (ejected ok), all cleared by racking
  • 11th
  • Extreme heat forced me to take it easy and tried very hard to keep from overheating and becoming a heat casualty

Stage 5

  • With rifle at position A, engage paper head targets (7-50 yds). Move to position B for 2 off-hand 75yd steel, then on to C for a mirror of A.
    • steel is 1 for 1
    • malfunction again
  • At C, dump rifle, then draw pistol for body shots on previous rifle targets. 3 poppers at B, 1 for 1 and finish off at A.
  • Clean; 1st. (!)

Stage 1

  • Beginning from stage 4, I’d begun fighting from overheating and consumed cold liquids to fight the heat. I’d also started using a wet rag to cool down my skin (forearms, neck, face, ears), as well as cold bottles on my neck and armpits. At this point, I am well fatigued from the heat.
  • Start with pistol on paper and 5 bowling pins; clean.
  • Rifle: position 1,3 and 5 – 4 200yd steel from supported.
    • positions 1 and 3 are shaky, using right braced barricade hold
    • position 5 at the giant spool is most stable
  • Position 2 and 4 are off-hand steel at 100ds; 1 for 1. Same malfunction from previous stages occur here as well.
  • SG on steel array using the 20 rounder with Estate 1200fps for the bottom 6 and 1255 loads for the rest as I ran out of the 1255s. Again, 2-3 of the same malfunction from Stage 4.
  • 12th

The Good

  • Surviving the heat and performing in spite of it (mental toughness)
  • Pistol work
  • Shotgun 1 for 1
  • Close range rifle work

Needs Work

  • Off-hand rifle
  • Adjust rifle gas block to fix malfunctions
  • Verify rifle zero (check windage)
  • Find out and fix Saiga FTF malfunctions

Very hot day, what a way to re-start! The struggle to not be a heat casualty was real and reminded me of how important fitness is in this sport. Less weight, less insulation, better heat survivability. Finishing was a feat, and taking first at a stage in the heat of it all proved some mental toughness. Finished 8th for the match.

Limited Division

  • PSA-Del15
    • Lower: PSA with Magpul PRS, JP lightweight buffer
    • Upper: Delton 1×9 mid with Bushnell TRS-25 red dot
    • Ammo: Freedom Munitions 55gr
  • JM Pro with Estate 3DRAM loads
  • G17 with 124gr BB RN ammo

Stage 3

  • SG unloaded so we figured out that dropping 1 into the chamber then loading 2 before the first shot was the best plan.
  • Load while moving to dump bucket, then from there, drop 10 remaining SG steel. 1 for 1 on steel.
  • Finish with pistol for 9 paper, the last being close, which I decided to head-shot.
    • If I’d planned on shooting 2 to the head instead of the 1 I did, I probably wouldn’t have had the mike.
  • 26th out of 45

Stage 4

  • Rifle at low ready, 2-2-2 on 10-15yd targets, reload, 2-2-2
    • Even with the dual mag setup, my reload isn’t as fast as it should be without the benefit of a magwell
  • Same with pistol, though now it seems like I didn’t load my pistol on ‘make ready’ as I had to charge it after drawing and having a dead trigger
  • 30th

Stage 5

  • 5 steel, 4 shots (got a double) with the SG
  • Run to the rifle position for 75 yard plate rack. First 3 shots are high so I aim low for the rest then go 1 for 1. Remember: at 50-100yds, aim low.
    • 8 procedurals for not running back and forth from the 2 prescribed rifle positions
      • With only 5 seconds for each penalty, it was faster to take the penalty than the effort, time and compounded exertion of running from position to position
  • 20th

Stage 1

  • 7 rifle at about 15-30yds; clean.
  • Pistol on 5 paper, all far (25+ yards) and 2 taken under a low port.
    • 1 FTN on a hardcover
  • Dump pistol, then run to SG box for 9 steel.
    • Last steel I shoot at an angle and miss, forcing a single load to make it up
  • 19th

Stage 2

  • Second to last so I have time to develop and lock in the shooting plan
  • Rifle is clean.
  • Pistol is slow as I am being deliberate with the tough, long shots, specially those with hard cover.
  • 5th

The Good

  • SG work is ok, but practice needed with reloading.
  • Rifle is ok for the most part. Equipment is running great: the rifle shoots flat and barely moves and allows fast, decent splits at range.
  • Pistol work is improving – for the most part, great long range and accuracy work today.

Needs work

  • Rifle:
    • Remember my POA/POI for different ranges
    • Practice reloads
  • SG loading and reloading
  • Pistol trigger reset and splits

Each stage had something or another to detract: Stage 3 – pistol miss, 4- rifle reload and pistol make ready, 5 – rifle POA/POI, 1- SG makeup and pistol miss. Today’s match would have benefited from my Open equipment, but I need to set aside my ego as I learn what I need to work on and improve on my weaknesses. With Stage 2 being my best and only stage, it was too little too late. Finished 18th

3Gun, Ruskin, 5-15-16

May 15, 2016

22 Tac-Ops Division:

  • SW MP15-22 with the PA1-4 scope and Aguila 22 ammo
  • JM Pro using Estate 3DRAM loads
  • G17 using 124gr BB RN ammo

Stage 3

  • Start with the 2 shot 357 Derringer (thankfully loaded with 38special) on 2 targets that each needed an A hit since only 2 shots were available. After 6 seconds, the par time beep would sound and you can leave the box to continue with the stage.
    • Gun would be loaded, hammer down, low ready. 2 targets directly in front across the table. I used my left thumb to manipulate the hammer for each shot.
    • The Derringer had a really hard trigger pull and even with a little dryfire beforehand, I still hiccuped my first trigger pull. The targets were so close, I still managed the A’s despite the bad trigger pull.
  • After the par beep, run to your staged, unloaded pistol. On the run over, I draw my mag. I pick up my pistol, and load on the way to the first array of 3, which I shoot on the move.
  • Proceed inside the main shooting area and from the staged SG, I shoot available pistol targets, then reholster.
  • Pickup the SG, load 1 on the move to my first position, then shoot 7 or so. Move and load 2 to my next position to the right, and finish up the SG steel. SG requires 1 makeup as the steel is set relatively far.
  • Re-draw my pistol for the final pistol targets, then dump it next to the staged rifle.
  • Move to my rifle sweet spot for all the rifle targets.
  • 2nd of 12.

Stage 1

  • 3 positions, each a barricade with 2 steel SG targets on each side at about 10yds. At the last position, 4 extra targets are in front of the barricade. 16 steel total.
  • The barricades go diagonally left to right down range, so I shoot the left targets first. I reload 4 on the way to next position and do so for each move. 16 steel minus 9 in the gun is 7 needed to reload. Reloading 4 in between both positions is 8 total.
  • 1 for 1! 3rd with a time of 26 seconds to first’s no reload needed Vepr run.

Stage 2

  • Rifle on mini IPSC target from the back, with a reload in between. Targets are close to far (about 30yds) and my splits are faster than my last 2 days’. Of course, it’s a 22! Maybe I should practice splits during the week with the 22 or maybe even the Oly 9mm.
  • Dump the rifle, draw pistol, then shoot 4 on the move to the port/wall.
  • Through the port is an assortment of steel and 3 paper. Steel is 1 for 1 and paper is clean (including those before the wall).
  • 1st

Stage 4

  • Same targets as in Stage 3 but the rifle and pistol targets are now inverse (pistol now rifle, vice versa). From the start box on the right engage 30-40yd rifle targets on the left (the first 3 close range pistol targets on Stage 3 are now medium range rifle).
  • Leave the box and engage one on the move to the staged SG and finish off the remaining rifle target. One is a head shot at 20yds+ that I shoot 4 times quickly and I’m told all 4 hit.
  • On the rifle move, the rifle doesn’t fire on the second shot so I rack it out and continue. First misfire with the Aguila, but still a great record for this brand.
  • SG is almost the same as in Stage 3 but in the opposite direction. Another extra shot is needed for makeup on the long shots, but the load plan covers the extra.
  • Dump the SG, which happens to be at the pistol sweet spot, draw the pistol, shoot, finish. The pistol targets are the smaller amoebas and at around 20 yards. Clean.
  • 1st

The Good

  • Pistol work is better today, what with far paper shots and clean steel. Maybe because the paper was far and I had to shoot each shot slowly – like steel, that I did better since it seems like my steel work is better than my paper work.
  • Rifle is clean, and the low recoil 22 allows me to run as fast as I can. Accuracy is good as well.
  • Continued good work with the JM Pro.
  • Stage planning – good enough for some to follow.

Needs Improvement

  • Pistol work – steel and paper, always needs work.
  • SG reloading needs some speeding up. Hopefully the mag spring will break in and get softer, allowing for easier, faster loading.

Sore from yesterday’s long day, I take some ibuprofen so I don’t worry about mobility. No issues after taking the ‘lighfighter candy’. I like how my pistol and shotgun work is getting better and the continuous days of shooting no doubt is the cause of this. Weekday range sessions with the pistol is needed, or matches at the WAC.

Finished 1st.


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